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Interior Design Hacks (1)


Our experience of space is strongly influenced by how we arrive in it. When designing your interior spaces, don’t just focus on the individual rooms but pay close attention to the hallways, door frames and the overall journey before arriving. If there is a particular asset or character in a room that you want to maximise on, like a colour scheme, canvas, feature wall, or lighting, a light introduction could go a long way.

Similar to our walk with Christ, our journey must be embraced in order to appreciate our final destination. While you are waiting for God to open a door of revelation to you, celebrate in your hallway in anticipation of what is to come, speak into existence what you want to see. (Acts 16:24-26)


When designing  use the “Denial and Reward” theory to enrich the flow in your creative space. Bursts of intrigue can prevent your interior space from being drowned with creativity. In order to achieve a balance in your space, evenly distribute the ‘WOW’ factors; whether it is a feature wallpaper/covering piece of art, ornaments, rugs or the ultimate sofa. People appreciate things they have to seek for. This is why we are urged to seek God with all our hearts and we will find him and in turn find ourselves. Balance is crucial. (Deuteronomy 4:29)

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