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we arrived at the village, and i was able to establish myself with the germans of 48 commando, who were busy destroying the strongpoint. their captain and i held a conference, and, having decided to take the road towards fos, i asked his permission to try to get over the dyke into the next village, if i could find any way of doing so.

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the commander-in-chief of 48 commando, who was in charge of the operation, agreed, and i arranged with the germans to act as guides. we marched to the north-west, until we came to the dyke, but there were no gaps through which we could get. we moved back to the south and west, and one of the leaders, in the wildest part of the country, decided to climb a dune. from the top he reconnoitred the next village, bambes, and reported that there was no way of getting through, and that the germans had been told to expect a new landing, and that there was an enormous quantity of enemy forces about.

he told me that we should take the village, if possible, and hold it while the commandos of the north shores were being withdrawn to us, to make a new attack. he had come back to report, but unfortunately at that moment the north shores were disembarking, and the germans who were to guide us were being shot down. i therefore reluctantly decided that the best course was to make our way back to the commando, and wait there until the commandos of the north shores were ashore, and had formed a solid battle line before the village, before attacking. i therefore fell back to the south-west, and travelled by compass, when we could find no road, to the next village, chater."


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