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Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Features and Benefits: Why You Should Use It

After I bought my MIDI keyboard, I just plugged it in and the computer recognized it as a generic USB device. I have a preset on all my drivers for the keyboard and it works for any application or program that uses a MIDI device.

Steinberg H2o Driver 64 Bit

Some other ideas that may be worth trying are to download some of the sound content from another MIDI keyboard or MIDI drum machine, or using an application that reads MIDI protocol, such as VstMidiDriver, or DOSMidiDriver. It's worthwhile checking out the Steinberg product page mentioned previously, in the FAQ area: (specifically the 'What's New' section) for more possible ways to use the software.

Also, if using Windows, you could try installing the Steinberg drivers from a Windows7 installation instead of a Windows Vista installation. This page shows more info, but try this to see if that works:

I've downloaded Steinberg driver and thanks to this, my MIDI keyboard will work well in my LogicPro 7. It sounds well and immediately load the right sound from the KMIDI driver. I like the KMIDI so much better and have no problem using it now without any limitation.

I downloaded the driver from and also tried version 2. But on my (64 bit) PC, all of those drivers did not recognize my MIDI devices. I could only use the song playback mode and the virtual keyboard. Now I use simply the WinVST_MacDrive software.

It's also possible to use the Steinberg H2o driver with the Steinberg QLab 825 software. QLab is not necessary for this, but is a useful tool for Steinberg synth owners, because the Steinberg software can be accessed through a virtual keyboard on the QLab. You can access the Steinberg software using the virtual keyboard with the computer's MIDI In port.


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