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Sistas - Season 4

All The Queens Men:[8] Dion Rome guest appeared as exotic dancer El Fuego, (a character from the BET+ drama series All The Queens Men created by Christian Keyes and produced by Tyler Perry Studios) and became a recurring character in a minor role on Sistas in seasons 3 & 4. The nightclub "Club Eden" is shared between the two shows, with the women from Sistas making brief on location appearances there on their own series. However, it is the main setting for All the Queen's Men where Marilyn "Madam" DeVille (played by Eva Marcille) is the owner of the club. She also manages many male exotic dancers (including El Fuego). Eva Marcille will also guest star in season 5 as Madam, who helps Andi out of a bind with Sabrina's legal troubles. She is the cousin of Fatima.

Sistas - Season 4


On May 12, 2020, BET renewed the series for a second season, with Perry announcing that production would start on July 8, 2020.[122] The second season premiered on October 14, 2020.[123] On January 19, 2021, BET renewed the series for a third season.[124][125] The third season premiered on June 9, 2021.[126]

At the end of the last season of the Tyler Perry show, BET released a trailer that gave a hint of what fans can expect. In that promo, we learn that Zac's (played by Devale Ellis) legal problems have only just begun, and see Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett) threatening Hayden (Chris Warren).

Just two weeks after the last season aired, Sistas is back. Season 4, Episode 1 will air on Wednesday, January 5 on BET. The series is still in its usual time slot, Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. Episodes will then air weekly on that day.

Are you excited about the Season 4 midseason finale of Sistas? And will you be able to contain yourself for three months until the sexy and soapy drama returns? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Karen has been in for an emotional ride in season 4 as she has looked to reconcile her feelings between Zac and Aaron while Sabrina has embarked on a new journey in recent episodes with a newfound love on the horizon. 041b061a72


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