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NewsLeecher V3.9 Final [Full Version]

Newsleecher also has two versions of its newsreader: beta release that is regularly updated and is currently on its version 8 as of December 2019 and a more stable and recommended final version released in June 2016 labeled as version 7.0. If you want to play around with latest features, the beta version would be great for you. However, it does not provide the same stabilty as the final release does since it needs further testing. But it does include features and changes that the final version does not have.

NewsLeecher v3.9 Final [Full Version]


NewsLeecher released version 5.0 beta 16 of their client. The latest version takes care of a Windows 8 install issue along with some new options and bug fixes. NewsLeecher subscribers can download the latest version directly from While those new to the Usenet client can download a free trial. The NewsLeecher team is also working on a new website along with some other surprises so stay tuned.


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