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Buy Hestra Gloves

Hestra ski gloves garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on different sites and specifically, the Fall Line Gloves go beyond the average skiing gloves. These Hestra ski gloves are highly effective for both backcountry and resort skiing.

buy hestra gloves

Hestra Fall Line gloves feature a cowhide leather exterior that ensure the gloves are waterproof and that snowballs do not soak up the gloves. Additionally, the polyester lining in the Hestra gloves wick moisture away from your hands. The foam insulation around each finger and the polyester lining combine to keep your hands exponentially warmer even when they are damp.

The Hestra ski gloves also have an adjustable neoprene cuff which means while the gloves stay secure during mid-ski run, the snow stays away from your hands. The exterior seams make the grip on poles even more comfortable for a seamless uphill climb.

Switchback Travel, an online resource that covers reviews and resources for outdoor enthusiasts, has also featured a Hestra review for Hestra Heli ski gloves that have been named as the best ski gloves overall in its review of its 2021 top ski gloves and mittens.

The Hestra Heli ski gloves is the top pick of Switchback Travel given its optimum functionality and comfort. The Hestra review specifically names the synthetic construction and hybrid leather in the Hestra gloves to be best in class. While the warmth and the premium build quality are two of the best features, the attractive price point makes Hestra gloves the best affordable ski gloves. In line with other Hestra products, the Hestra Heli ski gloves features an opulent amount of leather. This ensures the gloves are durable and flex easily. A leather conditioner may have to be applied on fingers and palms to ensure moisture does not seep in. This simple maintenance with a Hestra leather balm ensures the gloves remain waterproof even when skiing in the wettest of landscapes.

Use of leather -Leather ski gloves are not only extremely comfortable but are highly durable and are cheaper than synthetics on occasion. Hestra gloves are made using water-resistant, high-quality cowhide leather that is fully dyed instead of surface dying. This ensures the natural characteristics of leather are retained over time. Optimum foam insulation offers superior warmth and comfort in damp conditions while the polyester lining keeps moisture away.

The leather also gives a natural feel as compared to synthetics and are typically more dexterous and flexible than comparable synthetics. Although moisture protection is regarded to be a challenge with leather, treated leather is considerably water resistant and is able to withstand moderate wetness. Waterproofing treatment can help extend the lifespan of leather ski gloves.

Water resistance and insulation - Water resistance in Hestra gloves is ensured with durable water resistance technology. The Army Leather Heli Ski from Hestra features G-Loft insulation which consists of thin polyester fiber that has high insulating capacity in severe wet conditions. G-loft is compressive, ventilated and is quick drying making this Hestra ski glove one of the best ski gloves.

For most of us, there's still plenty of cold weather left before spring takes hold. We can't say enough about the fantastic products offered by Hestra. Made from supple and water resistant hairsheep leather, and lined with fine Italian wool, these gloves look great, and are extremely functional.

Beckett & Robb is proud to carry 3 models of Hestra gloves, in 4 different colors. Try the dressy Jake, with beautifully smooth and glossy leather, and a stylish strap to keep the cold air out. Step outside the box with the Arthur glove, in a warm and unbelievably soft suede. Finally, have the coolest gloves on the slopes with Hestra's classic leather ski glove.

When the days get colder, you need all the help to stay warm. It can be a challenge to do this fashionably. The lined gloves from the Swedish brand Hestra are the perfect accessory for a warm and stylish winter. The Hestra gloves are available in different models and colours. Our advice would be to always start with one basic pair of gloves, which you can wear both casually and formally. Like the chestnut-coloured gloves from Hestra, the gloves are made of deerskin and lined with lambswool. These are one of their warmest gloves available, without losing style.

A great option are the HESTRA deerskin lambskin gloves, made of deerskin and lined with soft and warm knitted wool.A more robust, yet fashionable pair is the Primaloft model. Also lined with wool, they are super warm and comfortable. Great for a more casual look. If you really want to stand out, we recommend that you order the Primaloft gloves in yellow. They are very elegant, yet slightly more striking than any other pair. The yellow colour is beautiful and goes with just about anything. They have an Italian wool lining to keep your hand warm during the winter. They also provide good insulation down to minus five degrees Celsius. Cool and warm at the same time. Last, but not least, we also have elegant, yet tough driving gloves for spring and autumn, namely the HESTRA Steve. All gloves are sewn by hand, which takes about two hours per pair.

Black Diamond's Legend appeals to the touring crowd with a low-profile insulated, waterproof, and primarily leather design that fits under the cuffs of a ski jacket. The glove nicely balances protection and weight with high-quality PrimaLoft Gold synthetic fill and a water-resistant Pertex shell along the back of the hand. Finally, fit and finish is a step up from our previous Legend gloves, which were overly stiff and fell short of the premium Hestras above.

Kinco started the leather ski glove craze in the 1980s, and it wouldn't be a proper list without including them here. To follow in a long line of ski bums and resort employees, simply plunk down the $36 or so bucks these gloves were selling for at press time, buy some Sno-Seal to condition the leather and make it more water-resistant (finish the job with a hair dryer if possible), and ski until your heart's content.

You won't find a more economical glove option than the Kincos, and this system works surprisingly well if the conditions aren't too cold or wet. It's best to step up to a more waterproof design in the wet snow of the Pacific Northwest, but the gloves are a great match for areas with dry snow like Colorado and Utah. Don't forget to grab a PBR at the lodge to complete your get-up, and per tradition, retire them at the end of the season and repeat.See the Kinco Pigskin Leather Glove

Located between the shell material and insulation in a fully waterproof design is a membrane or insert. Gore-Tex offers the best combination of waterproofing and breathability on the market. Cheaper gloves often use a non-Gore-Tex insert of varying names (BD.dry, DryVent, etc.) and degrees of efficiency. Keep in mind that if you choose a cheaper ski glove in the $70 range, you can expect decent waterproofing but it likely won't hold up as well over time or on particularly wet days. Entry-level gloves can be fine for those who ski occasional sessions at the resort, but serious skiers will want a serious glove to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Some gloves forego the Gore-Tex insert and are merely water resistant, which can work in dry climates like Colorado and Utah or if breathability is a priority (one exception is Hestra's Heli, which doesn't include an insert but still has held up well for us in the Pacific Northwest). Usually the shell has a DWR finish and is treated with a water-resistant coating to shed snow. A non-waterproof design like the Hestra Fall Line can work just fine on clear days, and a well-maintained leather glove can definitely do the trick all season long (for more on this topic, see the care section below). But a fully waterproof design is the safer bet for most weekend warriors.

Gauntlet StyleDifferent skiers prefer different cuff lengths, but there are some concrete concepts that can help make your decision easier. Longer gauntlet-style gloves extend well beyond your wrist covering the cuff of your ski jacket. Generally, they are warmer because they have more insulation and seal out the cold very effectively with a draw cord. They also offer slightly less range of movement in your wrist with more material in the way. Shorter gauntlet-style gloves that barely cover the cuffs on a jacket leave a pathway for moisture to enter in really wet conditions (more on wrist cinches in our features section), but this style is also the easiest to get on and off.

Touch-Screen CompatibilityIt's 2023, so why wouldn't you want touch-screen sensitivity on your ski gloves? A number of manufacturers now offer exactly that (including the Burton Gore-Tex and The North Face Montana), so that you can snap photos or videos without taking your gloves off. You'll most often find the technology, however, on thin gloves and liners where it's easier to incorporate, plus the thinner liners are more precise when typing. On some models, only pointer fingers and thumbs are touch-screen compatible. Overall, we consider this a nice feature if a glove you like has it, but not one that we would alter our purchase for.

Wrist CinchesGauntlet-style gloves in particular often have a cinch or draw cord to tighten the opening where snow can enter (this differs from a wrist strap, which tightens the glove over the hand and wrist). By pulling the cinch or draw cord, you can effectively prevent moisture from entering your glove in all but the wettest of conditions. Much like a powder skirt on a ski jacket, this can be very effective at tightening down your gear before skiing through the deep stuff.

Nose WipesIt's not easy to grab a tissue with your gloves on, so many models feature a soft patch of fabric on the thumb or pointer finger to help with your runny nose. Nose wipes are good in a pinch and the fabric helps to avoid irritation that you might get from doing the same thing with tough shell fabric. Of course, they lose their effectiveness when overused or when the temperature really drops, but they are a nice touch nevertheless.Back to Our Top Ski Glove Picks Back to Our Ski Glove Comparison Table 041b061a72


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