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Promise Rings For Couples with various designs

As diverse as the promises rings represent, so are the designs. Simple band rings are the most common choice, as they often represent purity and clarity of promise. Such rings can be made from various metals, from sterling silver to gold or platinum. In contrast, more intricate designs may include specific symbols or patterns that provide an extra layer of meaning.

For instance, designs that are interlocking are a symbol of the bond between two people, whereas hearts are often used to symbolize romantic love. Rings that have set stones such as diamonds, rubies, or even the person's birthstones, are also popular and can add a personal look to the rings. Also, there are rings that have initials, dates or names engraved to commemorate a particular date or event. Every couple can select from a range of rings that reflect their unique bond and promise.

Another common misconception concerns the use of promise rings. They can be viewed as less significant or "precursor" for engagement rings. But, this isn't always the case. The significance of a promise rings depends on the promise it is made to and the meaning that the couple place on the ring. No matter what promise they symbolize promises rings are a powerful representation of emotional commitment and bond.

What is the cost of promise rings?

The price of promise rings can differ dramatically based on a range of aspects, including the type of materials, style and whether or not it contains gemstones. Sterling silver rings are available at a fair price. Rings that are made from premium materials, like platinum or gold, are more expensive. If the ring features gemstones in it, such as diamonds, then prices can be increased even more. Experts advise that high-end promise rings and other jewelry be declared to your home insurance so that they are insured in the event of an attack.

Customized or personalized designs can increase the cost. It is crucial to remember the significance of the promise ring isn't solely its financial value. The true value of a promise ring lies not in its financial value, but rather the symbolic meaning that it holds for the couple. Thus, a promise ring regardless of the cost will have an emotional value.


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