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One year after the events of season 1, Nancy and Steve have been consistently having dinners with Barb's parents. Barb's parents do not know that Barb is dead, and have hired a private investigator to look into her disappearance, financing the investigation by selling their house. The private investigator, Murray Bauman, is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and is shown harassing Hopper for information and sharing his theories. Nancy is still overcome with grief over Barbara's death and begins showing potential signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, believing she is seeing Barbara's ghost following her in the school's library. While attending a Halloween party, Nancy gets drunk and begins verbally berating Steve when he tries to cut her off, leading to a falling out between the two. After Steve angrily leaves the party, she is escorted back home by Jonathan.

Dead by Daylight Nicknames

There is a supernatural power that surrounds Silent Hill, Maine that has the ability to manifest elements of the unconscious mind. In the early history of the town, Native Americans used this to seemingly communicate with both nature and their dead relatives. Their land was eventually stolen from them by European settlers.[55][56][57][58] Because of the town's power, a mysterious cult began to form that took control over much of its infrastructure.[59] One of the deities they worship is Valtiel, who serves as an angel of rebirth and a being close to God who has appeared in many forms throughout the town's history. The cult began performing ritualistic executions, wearing red hoods and an executioner's outfit modeled after him.[60][61][62]

Little is known of Wesker's childhood, even his real name. It is understood he inherited advantageous genes relating to intelligence from his parents.[8] Taken from his parents at a young age by agents of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer, he was raised in one of perhaps several homes funded by the Spencer Foundation. This was to serve as the first stage of a eugenics project, which sought to raise a group of likeminded, gifted intellectuals who could, in the future, be infected with a stabilized variant of the Progenitor Virus and entrusted with its superhuman effects. The children, all named "Wesker" after the project leader, were raised to share Spencer's values, harbouring particular disdain for war and pestilence, believing humans to be an evolutionary dead-end in need of order, deliverance and rebirth. In this regard, he stood out before the other Weskers for his absolute ambition in these aspects. Given the finest education money could buy, he made his way into university education at a young age, and graduated with a doctorate in virology at the age of seventeen.[9]

In the lab, Wesker began preparations for waking up the Tyrant to kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. survivors, infecting himself with the mutant virus strain shortly before doing so. He was cornered by his comrades while in the chamber and confessed his role in Umbrella's conspiracy before ordering the Tyrant to attack them. However, T-002 recognized Wesker as a participant in the Tyrant Project, and he stabbed Wesker first, impaling him through the chest before going after the others. Though Wesker was seriously wounded, the virus in his body had succeeded in mutating him to possess impressive regenerative abilities, and he woke up in an empty room.[28] With the self-destruct system prematurely activated and his computer access restricted by Col. Vladimir and the RED QUEEN AI,[28] Wesker was unable to recover the embryos or any important data to hand over to Umbrella's rival company. He narrowly escaped the destruction of the mansion after a fight with Lisa Trevor, but his improved speed ensured his survival.[29] Believed dead by Umbrella and S.T.A.R.S., Wesker was able to gain employment within the company despite his failure to provide the samples.

Having been locked into a dead-end lawsuit with Umbrella USA over damages following the destruction of Raccoon City, the excerpts provided irrefutable proof they were the manufacturers of the virus that contaminated the town. After the verdict was made requiring compensation for victims, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals was forced to declare bankruptcy, and the US and Russian Federation collaborated in tracking down the whereabouts of Dr. Spencer.

Now convinced that Ash was indeed The Promised One, the local "primitives" began to treat him like a king, including the beautiful maiden Sheila (who was responsible for knocking Ash into The Pit in the first place). Informed by The Wise Man that the Necronomicon was the key to returning to his proper time, Williams set out on a quest to retrieve the book from a cursed graveyard. Ash's odyssey would be interrupted by the supernatural at almost every turn, which included a chase through the Dark Forest from the shapeless Kandarian Demon, an attack from miniature duplicates of himself, and the creation of a full-sized "Evil Ash" grown out of his own body. Ash would eventually retrieve the Ex-Mortis from the cemetery in which it laid, though not without fumbling the simple incantation which would allow the safe removal of the book from the cursed grounds. His failure to recite the words resulted in the creation of an army of Deadites (led by his undead doppelganger) arising from their graves and attacking Castle Kandar in order to reclaim the Necronomicon. Using a combination of 20th Century engineering and weaponry, Ash, Lord Arthur's subjects, and Henry The Red and his troops successfully defeated the legion of darkness. With the battle victorious, Arthur's Wise Man used instructions found within the Ex-Mortis to create a potion which would allow Ash to sleep his way back to his proper time.[7]

When hearing a discovery at a local quarry, he learned that they had found the body of Will. Driving there, he found his mother in the middle of the road, and the two embraced each other, heartbroken over the loss of Will. While Chief Jim Hopper consoled Joyce, she went on a rant on how Will was in the walls, and that she saw an animal with no face, causing both him and Jonathan to believe that she was hysterical. The next day, the family went to the coroner's to see the body, but Joyce refused to believe that Will was dead, and stated that a causing Jonathan to accuse her of losing her mind.

Jonathan and Nancy were asked by Hopper and Joyce to help them find Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and test subject Eleven. They all assembled as the Byers home and decided to build a makeshift tank for Eleven to locate Will and Barb. The group then broke into Hawkins High School, and collected de-icing salt, and learned that Will was alive, as Barb was dead.

How many times have you seen people with nicknames like "Please don't eat me!" or "Don't kill me" atop the leaderboard? It happens regularly, leading one to suspect that the people who use those kinds of names are onto something.

That's where the name rater comes in. This NPC isn't just about rating your nicknames (I'm sure he'd approve highly of Doctor Hoot), but is instead also the key to renaming Pokemon when you decide you're tired of a name.

On September 26, 2013, Joel arrived home late from work and put Sarah to bed after watching television together.[14] During the early hours of September 27, Joel was attacked by his neighbor and forced to shoot him dead with his revolver in self-defense. After calming Sarah, Tommy arrived to evacuate them in his truck.

When the two finally reached Robert, Joel restrained him, kicked his face and broke his arm. Giving in, Robert revealed he sold their guns to the Fireflies. Tess kills him in retaliation and Joel decides they need to reason with the Fireflies to get their weapons back. Marlene, the Fireflies' leader arrived, albeit wounded, and struck a deal. She arranged for them to transport something to a group of Fireflies waiting at the Capitol Building. In exchange, they would regain their weapons and extra supplies. Joel and Tess are reluctant but go with Marlene anyway to avoid a military patrol.[19] On the way, the three are confronted by a small group of soldiers, successfully killing them but not before the soldiers kill the Fireflies they captured. Seeing her dead companions saddened Marlene but Joel convinced her that they needed to move on.

However, once they entered the building, they found the Firefly extraction team dead and the military surrounded the exterior. When Joel tried to convince Tess they should "just go home" and that such a thing was "not us", she revealed that she too had been infected. She compared her bite to Ellie, proving Ellie's immunity by how Tess's bite was swollen and throbbing while Ellie's was clear and healed. Tess insisted Ellie and Joel continue on their own and find Tommy, who would guide them to another Firefly group. She decided to fight the military to buy them time to run.[25] Reluctantly, Ellie and Joel fled the area while Tess was killed. The pair reached a subway, avoiding soldiers and a Humvee. They crossed through a dark, flooded, subway; seeing that Ellie can breathe in the spores without any sign of her infection worsening solidified Joel's belief that she was immune.[23]

Joel became separated from Ellie when the pair climbed an elevator shaft, the elevator giving way, sending Joel plummeting to the bottom. Ellie, safe on the ledge, tried to climb down to Joel but he demanded that she stay put, wanting to make his own way to her. Joel, despite facing infected, made it out of the basement. As he tried to return to Ellie, a hunter ambushed him and pinned him underwater. Joel desperately reached for his handgun but couldn't reach it, the hunter grappling his arm to prevent his escape. Luckily, Ellie appeared at the last second, shooting the hunter dead and saving Joel's life.[16]

Joel is up but his torso is punctured, causing him to lose a great amount of blood. Ellie checks the corridor as Joel limps behind her, insisting he doesn't need her assistance. They climb through a smashed window, Joel falling to the ground only for Ellie to pull him behind a desk; another bandit forced his way into the room, not hesitating to fire at the pair. Joel tries to return fire but is pinned down. Ellie decides to flank him, Joel wearily telling her not to. She does so regardless, distracting the man long enough for Joel to shoot him dead. Ellie returns to Joel, picking him up. 041b061a72


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