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Understanding Even-Odd Odds in Soccer Betting: 9 Strategies for 100% Winning

Understanding what even-odd odds entail can significantly enhance your betting experience on soccer betting platforms. While this type of bet seems straightforward, winning consistently against the bookmakers is no easy feat. Bettors need to equip themselves with experience and strategic approaches when engaging in soccer tips telegram 

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What Are Even-Odd Odds?

Even-odd odds involve betting on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be an even or odd number.

Notation on Betting Boards:

Even: E – Event.

Odd: O – Odd.

Determining Factors:

Even odds entail a total number of goals divisible by 2, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

Odd odds involve a total number of goals that are not divisible by 2, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.

Understanding Even-Odd Odds

This type of bet is considered logical and relatively straightforward. It yields only two possible outcomes: either even or odd. Due to the 50% chance of winning, it is favored over some other types of bets. However, even-odd betting is not without its challenges, as the score can fluctuate even in the final minutes or added time.

Instances for Betting Even-Odd:

Aside from the traditional even or odd betting, several bookmakers offer special betting options to enhance the attractiveness:

Even/Even: Betting on both teams scoring an even number of goals.

Odd/Odd: Both teams scoring an odd number of goals.

Even/Odd: Placing bets on the home team scoring even and the away team scoring odd.

Odd/Even: Selecting the home team to score odd and the away team to score even.

Yellow cards.

Red cards.

Corner kicks.

Betting on the total number of penalties being even or odd.

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Top 9 Strategies for Winning Even-Odd Soccer Betting:

Even-odd betting, though easy to comprehend, isn't always straightforward to predict. Here are nine strategies to determine even or odd bets, which, when mastered, can significantly increase winning odds.

1. Analyze Head-to-Head History Between the Two Teams:

The total number of goals scored in previous encounters between two teams serves as a solid basis for predicting even or odd totals.

However, it's advisable to consider only recent matches with similar team compositions for more accurate insights.

If the scores between the two teams are consistently equal, the odds favor even totals.

If there's a one-goal difference, lean towards odd bets.

A two-goal difference often leads to even odds being more favorable.

2. Assess the Recent Form of Both Teams and a Third Team:

Apart from head-to-head encounters, the recent form of both teams holds significant importance.

If there's a noticeable gap in skill level or performance, the actual match outcome may reflect progression or decline in player quality.

Especially if a third team has played against both teams under consideration, their performance could serve as a benchmark for predicting the score.

3. Consider the Strength of Each Team:

The relative strength of the two teams influences the goal difference during matches.

If both teams are evenly matched, draws are more likely, making even odds more favorable.

A significant disparity in strength often results in even odds being more viable. However, these aren't always easy predictions compared to other scenarios.

Odd odds are more probable when there's minimal difference between the teams, and the scoreline remains tight.

4. Evaluate Whether to Place Bets:

Each match presents unique variables that can impact the outcome. Scores can change rapidly throughout the game.

For matches with high volatility, refrain from betting on the overall outcome and opt for halftime betting instead.

5. Hedge Bets Early to Minimize Losses:

When your chosen outcome seems unlikely, consider hedging your bet. Failing to do so risks losing your entire initial wager.

Understanding the right time to hedge bets can mitigate potential losses by placing money on the opposing outcome. This way, any losses incurred from a failed bet are offset by the winnings from the opposite bet.

Early hedging is advisable, ideally before any potential game-changing events occur or before bookmakers adjust odds in their favor.

6. Engage in Combination Bets to Boost Winnings:

Combination bets offer higher payouts when multiple selections align with the actual results. You can wager on both even and odd outcomes simultaneously, covering various potential scenarios.

However, as the likelihood of winning decreases with each additional selection, it's prudent to limit combination bets to two or three options.

7. Opt for Live Betting to Capitalize on Dynamic Odds:

Live betting, or in-play betting, allows for real-time adjustments to odds, often changing with every significant event during a match.

After the initial fifteen minutes of play, bettors have enough data to make informed decisions.

8. Factor in Favorable or Unfavorable Match Conditions:

In addition to team performance, match conditions play a crucial role in determining outcomes.

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When two evenly matched teams face each other under favorable weather conditions, the scoreline may differ by only one goal.

Confidence in placing odd bets increases when there's minimal deviation in team strength and weather conditions favor the stronger team.

9. Maintain Calm, Confidence, and Composure:

Although seemingly unrelated, a bettor's psychological state significantly influences betting outcomes.

In every circumstance, players must carefully balance their betting stakes against the odds to apply the aforementioned strategies effectively.


A clear understanding of even-odd odds and their applications can lead to significant earnings in soccer betting. However, it's crucial to know when to stop and secure personal wins.


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