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What is Over/Under 1.25 in Soccer Betting? Tips for Betting Over/Under 1 1/4 Accurately

Over/Under 1.25 is a common type of bet in soccer betting, and you can encounter it in almost any match. However, for newcomers, understanding this type of bet might still be a challenge. In the following article, we will provide comprehensive information about Over/Under 1.25 as well as share some tips for betting on it without ever losing.

What is Over/Under 1.25?

Over/Under 1.25 is a type of betting in soccer, known by other names such as Over/Under 1 1/4, Over/Under 1.25 goals, or Over/Under 1-1.5. This type of bet is usually applied only in the first half or second half of the match; nowadays, very few bookmakers use this bet to cover the entire match.

When participating in Over/Under 1 1/4 betting, you need to calculate and predict whether there will be one goal scored by either team or no goals at all. If you predict that there will be two or more goals scored, you should bet on Over. When betting on Over/Under 1 1/4, your bet may result in either a win or a loss of half the stake, similar to betting on Over/Under 2 3/4.

How to Read Over/Under 1 1/4 Odds

With Over/Under 1-1.5 odds, players don't need to care about which team will win, but rather predict the total number of goals both teams will score in the first half or second half. When playing this bet, players must bet on one of the following scenarios:

If after the first half or second half of the match, the total number of goals scored is two or more, then players who bet Over will win and receive the full bet amount. Conversely, those who bet Under will lose and forfeit their entire bet amount.

If after the first half or second half of the match, the total number of goals scored is exactly one, then players who bet Over will lose half their stake, and those who bet Under will win half their stake.

If after the first half or second half, no goals are scored, then players who bet Over will lose their entire stake, while those who bet Under will win and receive the full bet amount.

How to Identify Winning and Losing in Over/Under 1-1.5 Betting

To determine the winning and losing results as well as the amount of winnings in Over/Under 1.25 betting, let's consider the following illustrative example:

Illustrative Example of Reading Over/Under 1-1.5 Odds

In a match between Motagua and Independiente Chorrera in the Copa Premier CentroAmerica tournament, the bookmaker presents the Over/Under 1.25 odds as Over -082, Under 0.62. If a player bets $100, the following scenarios may occur:

Over Betting Scenario:

If the first half ends with a total of two or more goals scored, you win the full bet amount of $100. If the first half ends with one goal scored, you lose half of your bet, which is (100x-0.82)/2 = $41. If the first half ends with no goals scored, you lose your entire bet, which is (100x-0.82) = $82. Under Betting Scenario:

If no goals are scored after the first half, you win the bet and receive $100 x 0.62 = $62. If one goal is scored after the first half, you win half of your bet, which is (100×0.62)/2 = $31. If two or more goals are scored after the first half, you lose your bet and forfeit $100.

Effectively Analyzing Over/Under 1.25 Odds

Analyzing odds is a crucial step that players cannot overlook when betting on soccer online. Below, we will guide you on how to effectively analyze odds to bet on Over/Under 1.25:

Signs to Bet Over (Above)

To bet Over in Over/Under 1.25, you need to identify the following signs to apply immediately:

Important matches like finals, promotion matches, or relegation battles. Typically, teams in these matches will continuously attack to score more goals. Early minutes of the match, where both teams continuously produce new attacking strategies. Matches featuring players known for their attacking prowess. Signs to Bet Under (Below)

If you notice the following signs, you should apply Under immediately when the odds are 1.25:

Friendly matches that don't affect the overall outcome, where both coaches may field second-string players. Such matches usually have fewer goals scored. Heavy schedules for both teams, causing players to be fatigued and reducing their goal-scoring capabilities. Both teams playing defensively, with little intention of aggressive attacking. Both teams facing significant squad injuries, especially in the forward positions. Especially, if the bookmaker defines this match as a coin toss, you should bet Under.

Expert Tips for Over/Under 1.25 Betting

When betting on Over/Under 1.25, it doesn't necessarily mean choosing the stronger team will win, as many factors influence betting outcomes. In football, there's always room for unexpected changes due to strategic shifts or changes in player strength. To avoid losing when betting on Over/Under, players need practical experience. Here are tips from experts for your reference and application:

Analyze information about both teams:

Even though for Over/Under 1 1/4 betting, the team winning is not crucial, you still need to research information about both teams to assess their scoring abilities and predict the total number of goals. Important information to consider includes:

History of previous matchups bookmaker toolbetting between the two teams. Recent playing styles and forms of each team. Key players of each team. Team tactics in previous matches. The coach leading each team. Current injuries and suspensions of players affecting the match outcome. Whether the teams are playing at home or on neutral ground.

Monitor bookmaker odds:

Several days before a match, bookmakers release odds to help players make decisions. If you notice odds fluctuations, it's a trap set by bookmakers. Therefore, players need to stay alert to assess how these odds benefit them. You must spend time closely monitoring these odds until the last minute before the match starts because the closer to the match, the more accurate the odds become.

Avoid betting before the match starts:

Another crucial tip is to avoid betting before both teams have played. During the match, bookmakers may adjust the handicap odds. Thus, players need to recalculate and place their bets again from scratch.

If you've already placed a bet and feel the winning odds of that bet are low, you can apply a cash-out strategy to retain the remaining bet amount. Consult what cashing out is and how to cash out appropriately for the best application.

Don't rely on emotions:

Experience teaches that you shouldn't choose bets based on emotions or simply because you favor a particular team. Often, there are traps set by bookmakers to appeal to your emotions. Therefore, analyzing and making your own judgments are crucial for effectively betting on Over/Under 1 1/4.

Don't follow the crowd:

While the crowd may sometimes lead you to victory, it can also lead you to failure. Therefore, when


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