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I still think 20Mbps sounds horribly slow, though. Especially considering multiple devices connected and HD/UHD/4K services, and also because I've already had 100Mbps for multiple years already, so I'm very used to that, and even now, sometimes YouTube videos buffer longer than they should, let alone full HD movies.

Chroma Heist full movie hd download

That 73Mbps for console game downloads sounds about right. On my Xbox One S, it's anywhere between 48 - 89Mbps, depending on either the time of day or the provider of the game, so it more than likely also depends on the uploader (don't know if they all come from one and the same server park or not), but for anyone to be able to get downloads at full speed, your connection should obviously be able to make use of their upload speed/bandwidth as well: if they're pushing stuff towards you at a 100, and you only have 20, then that's obviously going to be throttled/queued, since you'll only ever be able to download as fast as YOUR connection allows you, regardless of the speed of the uploader. 076b4e4f54


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