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Abram Zhdanov

The Black Book Of The Holocaust Co Author

James was just sixteen years old in 1930, when he and two other black teenagers were brutally lynched. Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith died, but, miraculously, with the rope already around his neck, James was saved. He was tried and convicted as an accessory to the murder that incited the lynching. He spent five years in prison. While there, he began writing a memoir, the story of his life up to the age of twenty-one. Completely fearless, a few years after his release he returned to the site of the lynching to interview eyewitnesses for the book. (Read more about the lynching here.)

the black book of the holocaust co author

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Witnessing violence is a theme that runs through young James' life growing up. He and his sister watched a murderous, bloody knife and gun battle that felled a neighbor woman. James was also forced by a white man to watch the public hanging of a black man. Despite coming of age in the Indiana State Reformatory among hardened adult criminals, Cameron emerged at age twenty-one determined "to pick up the loose threads of my life, weave them into something beautiful, worthwhile and God-like."1 In among the dark threads, Cameron's book describes many strands of light: care and mentoring by older men, including a white sheriff and several black prisoners; the unconditional love and support of his mother; and the world of books and the life of the mind he discovers in prison.

Second Story Press publishes feminist-inspired books for adults, teens, and children. We look for stories that feature diverse, strong female characters and explore themes of social justice, human rights, equality, and ability issues. An independent small press, we publish several well-known children\u2019s series, including the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers, whose book Hana\u2019s Suitcase has become one of the most awarded Canadian children\u2019s books ever. We also publish a series of books with Plan Canada International, including Every Day is Malala Day and Because I am a Girl. Our others series include the Kids\u2019 Power books, featuring a biographical novel about Shannen Koostachin and the First Nations community of Attawpiskat. Our search to publish Indigenous authors led us to create the Indigenous Writing and Illustration Contest. We have a series for children called the Women\u2019s Hall of Fame Series and an imprint with the Feminist History Society that features adult books exploring second-wave feminism.

Stewart Waters is an assistant professor of social science education at the University of Tennessee. His research interests include alternative methods for teaching social studies, character education, visual literacy, social studies curriculum, and teaching with film. Waters serves as the conference coordinator for the International Society for Social Studies and is the editorial assistant for The Journal of Social Studies Research. Waters has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles related to social studies education which have been featured in journals like Action in Teacher Education, The Journal of Social Studies Research, and Social Education. In addition, he co-authored the book Reel Character Education: A Cinematic Approach to Character Development (2010, co-author W. Russell). Waters earned his PhD in social science education from the University of Central Florida, and prior to moving into higher education, taught middle school social studies.

My book, The Black Blood of Genocide: Tracing Genocide in Post-Holocaust African Diasporic Literature, is a transnational literary history of how Black authors across the globe have used literature to raise awareness about anti-Black genocide in the Post-World War II Era. Black Blood is currently under contract with Columbia University Press; the manuscript was selected to be one of the inaugural titles in a new collaborative series between Columbia University Press and Howard University. More information about Black Blood and the series it will call home can be found here.

Debórah Dwork is renowned for her scholarship on Holocaust history and is a leading authority in this field. Her award-winning books include Children With A Star; Flight from the Reich; Auschwitz; and Holocaust. In 2020, Dwork received the International Network of Genocide Scholars Lifetime Achievement Award.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is a Polish poet and musician, who has authored several books of poetry about history, remembrance, and ethics. He is a member of the psychedelic rock band Trupa Trupa. Kwiatkowski's music and literary works have featured in international outlets including The Guardian (UK), CBC (Canada), Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and NPR.

Co-author of wellness textbook says he meant to inspire people to know their self-worth and lead healthier lives. But critics say his book implies that those who died in the Holocaust were weak and that cancer is a choice.


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