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Magic: The Gathering -- Official Strategy Guide: The Color-Illustrated Guide To Winning Play

As a compendium focusing on rare cards and the histories behind them, competitive players will find the book lacking in terms of strategy. However, players interested in the collection aspect of Magic: The Gathering will be hard-pressed to find a better reference guide that ushers them through the world of one of the highest value collectible card games available.

Magic: The Gathering -- Official Strategy Guide: The Color-Illustrated Guide to Winning Play

Despite this not every Magic: The Gathering book is for every kind of player. Some players prefer a more casual approach, while others are more seasoned and interested in niche types of play. When finding your own Magic: The Gathering strategy guide or reference book, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Like most things, the mana curve is not an exact science. Players often search for "master formulas" for how many cards you should play with at one mana, two mana, three mana, etc. But the fact is that it's a question that depends a lot on context. What cards do you have access to? What's your strategy for winning the game? What are your opponents likely to be doing at each point in the game? 350c69d7ab


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