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Al-Zeer Salem Online Free Free

The starring role in this Syrian series is played by Yasser Al-Azma. The series, in its many seasons, which lasted for many years, presents satirical criticism of various societal issues and criticizes corruption in the government and the ruling regime. This series was very popular among people in Syria and in many Arab countries, and people still love to watch it today, because it touches the reality at all times. You can watch all episodes free online on YouTube.

Al-Zeer Salem Online Free

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Al-Nadam series presents the difficulties, problems, and poverty experienced by the Syrian people in Damascus during the civil war in Syria, through the story of a 40-year-old television writer, who tells the story of his family in a framework of drama and romance since 2003 AD on the night of the fall of Baghdad until the time the series was shown in 2016, passing through a series of political and historical events. This Syrian series is divided into two periods: the period before the civil war in Syria, which shows the beginning of the story in colorful scenes, and the second period during the war, which appears in black and white, and shows the fate of each of those members of the family. You can watch all episodes free online on YouTube.

The most important feature of this Syrian series is the spoken dialect, where the actors speak the dialect of the people of Latakia, and they use very strange vocabulary that was used throughout the region and is now outdated and on the verge of extinction, where these terms are translated into Standard Arabic on the screen. You can watch all episodes free online on YouTube.

Al-Taghriba Al-Filistinia was written by Dr. Walid Seif and directed by the late great actor and director Hatem Ali, both of whom lived a life of refuge, occupation and exile, and the pain and anxiety united between them. It hit us from a long time ago to the present day. You can watch all episodes free online on YouTube. 076b4e4f54


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