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Pool Song (Groovebox Remix)

Hence, on this platform, you can find high-quality stems directly from the artist/producer to remix, cover or draw inspiration from. For example, Pheonix Studios offers a subscription for $2-10/month and gives away the stem and multi-track packs for their original and cover songs, tutorials for mixing-mastering, 1-week early access to new content/music, requests/polls for upcoming covers, discount codes, monthly general mixing and live QnA, and more.

Pool Song (Groovebox Remix)


An interesting feature is that the website allows you premium access for a subscription fee of $2, for which you do not get any ads on the website. Another interesting feature is that you can get free access to the premium membership for an entire year if you upload the stems of your songs/remix/cover to the platform.

Anyone can submit their multitrack packs and contribute to the platform, and many artists/musicians/producers/DJs upload their music to it. You can find stems of different genres like pop, electronica, R&B, disco, prog house, reggae, rock, hip-hop, and many more. There are thousands of songs for which you find the construction kits, down to every sample and instrument. You can also find regular remix contests on the website, for which the winning DJs and producers are rewarded.

Situated in Amsterdam (HQ), New York, and London, the company promotes music via remix competitions, inviting producers to participate in it and access stems & multi-tracks of songs by artists like ARTY, Autograf, Eelke Klejin, and more. A subsidiary of the company is Armada University, which sells courses on music production, and holds contests, review demos, and more. In addition, they host remix competitions and giveaways as part of their community-building activities.

In April 2021, Polyend announced three special Artist Edition Trackers. Limited to 300 units each, the Trackers were adorned by artwork created especially by each artist. Legowelt, Bogdan Raczynski and Pete Cannon also supplied tracks written on the Tracker which were pressed to vinyl. At the time of writing this review, some online retailers still had stock of the special editions but by the time you read this, they could be sold out. The good news is that you can head to the Polyend website and download the song projects from the three artists to open, study and remix. 041b061a72


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